FIRST PLACE!! (80’s fashion show)

The actual 80’s fashion show was today! I landed first place!! I took my model Tiffani and gave her sort of a crazy train whitesnake mix!! Her make-up is all MAC and Hard Candy products. Her hair is teased and sprayed to the max! This was so much fun!



The full outfit shot! Rockin’ the high-wasted leather pants  and leather coat!SAMSUNG


Eyes close up….such hard work!SAMSUNG

With a concealer of MAC, a liquid foundation of MAC, LA colors face powder,hard candy liquid eyeliner,mascara,and eyeshadow, Concrete pure minerals eye shadow, max lipstick and covergirl highlighting blush and a steady hand, we got this! SAMSUNG




2013-04-25 13.00.45_20130425213614849


Another friend in the show today!

All the models showing off!SAMSUNG

First,Second,and Third place today! ….ya… models first;)

I hope that there are more fashion shows to come at school before I graduate!


80’s Fashion Show Test Run

This is an 80’s fashion show test run at school, hope I win with my slightly modified version Thursday! I got my inspiration from a couple different pictures on Pinterest.
My model is my friend from school, and we are pretty pumped for this contest!

How about them tiger stripes!
80’s for life!
~poor chick

Fun with Photo Editing

I’ve been having fun playing around with editing images on my phone. Here’s my latest…



Isn’t the red cool? I colored it in on the first one. I love the vintage feel you get.
~poor chick

Princess Peg Dolls Craft

So a few months ago I became obsessed with this pin from Pinterest:Princess Doll Tutorial

Finally, even though I had no particular reason to make them, I went out and bought supplies to make my own princess peg dolls! I pretty much followed her tutorial exactly, although I did change the look of the dolls dresses/hair/etc a bit. This post will explain exactly how to make them, but to see her tutorial, just click the picture above or here: DIY Princess Peg Dolls.
I purchased my dolls from Jo-Ann’s for about $2/bag (they came in bags of two). They are also called wooden game pieces. You can buy these in bulk online, if you plan on making lots and lots! Just Google them, or check Amazon. The acrylic paints used were just the one and two dollar bottles from Wal-Mart!
I looked on Google Images for quite some time, to get a better idea of the outfits for the princesses. After that, the real fun began!
First, I drew on the basics in pencil… (Below are Aurora to the left and Ariel to the right).

Then I began to paint! (Here are Cindy, Snow, and Jasmine!)

I used one color at a time, and when all the dolls needing that color were done, I would move on to the next color. (The buns were wooden beads I hot glued to the dolls’ heads!)

The next two are from during the process (Please excuse the mess!)


Here is the final product!


You might notice I changed up Mulan’s outfit from the other pictures – I hated her – and now Mulan is definitely my favorite! But I also love Tiana’s dress… so cute! I might need to add bling to Cinderella and Belle, not sure yet if that will ever happen or not..!
I like the more classic look with small, black eyes that are fairly far apart, so all of the dolls have the same face.

Oh, and here is a picture of the backs as well!


There you have it! New princess peg dolls! I currently use mine for board game pieces, but I’m sure when my niece Addison gets older she will play with them! And hopefully a daughter someday…!


Fun Modeling Shoot

Angel Canary used me as a model this past week for the rebuilding of her photography portfolio. She is an amazing wedding photographer (and did my senior pics, although she doesn’t do them, anymore). Here are a few favorites from the shoot!




Her blog can be found here: Angel Canary Photography

Choppin’ the Hair and Moving to WV

My best friend is moving to west Virginia for the second time and for the second time she chopped the hair! She now has a fun asymmetrical cut. I was lucky enough to be able to do it this time however! Proud of this doo.


Mariah’s Hair Journey

Kaylie is a fabulous hair artist, and it comes in handy to have a best friend with such an useful skill! Last week, she cut off my loong hair and donated it to locks of love. Today, she gave me a perm! I am LOVING my new hair. It almost feels like “mom” hair now, which was my ultimate goal anyway!
To start, here is what my hair used to look like…

I’m on the far right! (This is Kaylie, my other best friend, and I all before the Journey concert we went to in February).

This is what got donated to Locks Of Love!
Styling from the first day…
Perm from the second!
All leading up to….
Tada! I love it! 🙂

And here’s a before and after…

Kaylie’s talent never ceases to amaze me! 🙂

New House

So it’s final! We are officially closing on April 16th! I am so excited for my new home and cannot wait to get down to fixing it up. I’m going to need a vaccum, some dry sponges, and TONS of help!
(Sorry about the little arrows on the sides of the pictures, they were from screenshots and I didn’t crop them out!)

It’s a one story home and trust me, it is much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. We also got quite a bit of land, a pole barn, and a pool that we might decide to keep if it’s in good enough condition!

This is the front room. I’ve been referring to it as the “living room”, although technically we have two living rooms. This one has a bay window which you can see a bit of on the very right side of the picture! And I LOVE bay windows! 🙂

This one is from the kitchen, where we believe the fire started.

The other side of the kitchen… We will need a new ceiling for sure!

This is the master bedroom. Just soot damage. Elbow grease followed by primer and paint will take care of it!

Hopefully we can get in there and get to work really soon! I’m so ready to get the soot removal and renovation part over and done with and to get on to fun stuff like picking out paint colors! 😉