New House Inspiration Boards

So all of this renovation has been making me itch to get decorating! I have almost every detail planned out in my head, or so I think! The tricky part now is getting my ideas communicated to others – like my dad, who will basically be in charge of everything. So awhile back (about a month ago), I went through my Pinterest Home Decor board and decided what I really wanted the most in my new home. I decided on a few things, saved the pictures, and used Fotor to collage them together. And here are the finished design boards! Sorry if they are a little fuzzy!

This first one is for my full bathroom…

bathroom board

I already have the whale shower curtain, courtesy of Target and the Tiddliwinks line. Unfortunately they do not carry it anymore and I cannot find it anywhere else on the Internet. 😦

The next inspiration board is for my craft room, which is a room only accessed via the giant garage.

Craft Room Board

I love the orange and white! I’m pretty sure I’ll be DIY’ing a lot of stuff for (AND IN) this room! 🙂

Next board is for the dining room. I want booth seating SO bad!!

Dinig Room Board

The next one you will see is my board for the front of the house. Can you tell I want an aqua or turquoise door…? 🙂


And I fell in love with lemon grass in big pots. I’m afraid I might go overboard with them…. I guess we’ll find out!

The next one is garage inspiration. There is currently room for like 7 or 8 cars in my garage right now. No, not kidding, and not including the pole barn. The garage is huge and sort of in a mirrored “L” shape. I’m thinking mudroom bench by the door to the kitchen and workshop area/tools in the back on the right (where the top of the L would be).

Garage Board

Don’t you just love the bright pop of green in the middle? So much fun for a drabby place like the garage.

The next board is for the great room, which has very high ceilings and is completely open with the dining room.Great Room Board

I love the nature/forest/rustic/jungle/tropical look. Okay I know those don’t all match… I can’t decide what I like more…!

The next one is for the half-bath that is off of the kitchen. I’m 99.99% sure I’m putting some sort of Wainscoting in there.

Half Bath Board

And then we have the kitchen itself! Viola!

Kitchen Board

I plan on not having an island, but instead using cabinets under the breakfast bar and using it to create an L-shape. I also want a hutch near the edge of the kitchen with a roll-out counter-space underneath. Below, you can see the nifty ground plan I made up using Merillot’s planning tool. The fridge, sink, dishwasher, and stove are all in a neat row, in that order from left to right. Next to the stove is a large cabinet to be used as a pantry, and combined with all the normal cabinetry and the extra cabinets from underneath the breakfast bar, I think we will be just fine!

kitchen layoutThe grayed out corner is the bathroom. Just so you guys know, none of the measurements are really exact, I just kinda dragged and dropped until it looked about right. Moving on – the living room! This is the first room when you walk through the front door, and it shares the wall with the kitchen that will have the breakfast bar. This wall will have a pass-through to open up both rooms while keeping them separate. It will also allow lots of natural light into my kitchen from the bay window in the living room! Yay! Living Room Baord The color scheme will be yellow, white, aqua, and grey. The yellow color will continue into the hallway, but in the hallway I plan to have beadboard on the lower half of the walls. And last, but certainly not least, is the Master!! I really love the effect created by lots of different warm neutral colors, as you can see. Master Board I don’t have any good pictures in the inspiration board, but I also LOVE diamond tufted headboards…. and those things cost $500-$3,000… so I smell another future DIY right there! Below is a a tentative ground plan for the master bedroom that I made using’s fun software! master layoutThe back wall has 2 windows, the right wall has one. On the left are closet doors, and in the bottom right is a dresser that will double as an entertainment center!   And there you have it – all of my interior plans thus far, although I’m sure more will come soon and although I doubt they will be too different from these… who knows?! ~bride


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