More House Progress… Office Painted!


Doesn’t that color just brighten your day? πŸ™‚
My day is brighter just thinking of all the lovely things in my new house! You can see in the office picture above that we have paint on some walls and have lights and ceiling fans installed. We also have the master bedroom painted and I’m working on the other bedroom!
The bathroom just has Killz primer on it, but soon we will buy paint for it!

That was the master, office, and a sneak peak of the bedroom that belongs to Cheyenne (my best friend who is living with me until she gets deployed)! Grey walls and an orange ceiling!

In the meantime, Cheyenne and I have been working on cleaning the floors. There is both tile and wood floors that need cleaned at this point.


Crazy before and after shot, huh?
That was taken in the kitchen. My mom even came over to help on the spots I couldn’t get out! (Thanks mom, & you know I couldn’t do this without you!)

We also have bought cabinets and have brought in the kichen appliances, although they aren’t all hooked up.
Rich and his cousin Jon (who is also staying here) have been pretty busy with all the carrying I’m forcing them to do. Well.. not forcing… manipulating? Maybe I just prefer “asking nicely”. πŸ˜‰

Here is a shot of our beloved “creeper van” (my dad’s old Astro) full of cabinets…

And here’s a shot of the kitchen with some cabinets in it…
And a cat of course!

Speaking of cats… look at my present! (Penelope sure enjoys it!)

Jon helped me set up this awesome rolling island that we got from my grandma. She had originally gotten it for my aunt, but for some reason never gave it to her. It has a REALLY nice countertop. Like… I’m talking actual stone here. I wish we could afford to do the whole kitchen with that stuff! But instead we’re gonna go with some good ol’ laminate – but expensive looking lamimate, I might add!
Well, that’s enough for now… off to go get my kitten off a really tall ladder again….


Sigh… πŸ™‚


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