Upper Cabinet Organization

So a while back I did a post on cabinet organization inspiration. My cabinets are far from perfect, but I have been able to get them to a point where I can always find what I need, and they look nice when you open them – that’s the goal of all organization, right?

So I’m going to go ahead and post some pictures of the updated kitchen and how I’m keeping my upper cabinets organized. I’m going to go ahead and apologize off the bat for bad lighting – there is a lot of soft natural light and soft LED light in the kitchen but that doesn’t equal good picture-taking light.

Below is a picture of what my kitchen looks like now:



It’s far from perfect, but it’s come a long way since last year when we started fixing it up…

I can barely remember it, but it used to look like this:

Quite an improvement I’d say! ๐Ÿ™‚

Below is a quick pic of where everything is at in the upper cabinets. I did it on the iPad so sorry about the handwritten words. ๐Ÿ˜‰



From the right side (the back end towards the door) to the left (towards the fridge), here are pictures of the insides of the cabinets!







Here is a close-up of how I am organizing my meds in a Sterelite container. (The coral wrapping paper is from Target!).





I also took a few shots with the cabinet doors open to help you get a feel for where everything is really at.

So by the sink and above the dishwasher I have all my dishes, and then in the next cabinet over there are more dishes (coffee cups/mugs) and spices/other cooking pantry items.




And then above the microwave I am utilizing the small cabinet for medicine of the left, along with first aid, and then the big box on the right hand side is just all of my vitamins and Aloe Vera thrown in box covered in the same wrapping paper I used to decorate the medicine drawers.



20140728-163715.jpgPast that is the baking cabinet and the pasta cabinet to finish it off. So far I have really been liking this set-up! Things like pots/pans/canned goods/plastic baggies/etc are in cabinets below, and I have more cabinets past the fridge that are used for the real “pantry”, full of snacks and cereal.


So that’s my kitchen organization in a nutshell, along with an overall kitchen update! Woop woop! Also, we just did our first coat of primer in my garage! It looks awesome and thanks to everyone who came out to help us get it done!




Naruto Tattoo

The fiancรฉ got a Naruto inspired tattoo today and I thought I would do a quick share!


In this pic it’s still taped up, so once it’s healed a bit I’ll post an update.


The tattoo is a combination of Saske’s curse/seal, with a special ops anbu symbol (like Kakashi’s) on his arm.
Nerdy but totally fierce too. I can’t deny my inherent attraction to men with tattoos, & this one hits the nail on the head.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

List Lovin’

Hey all, Bride here.

I know, I’m awful at updating this blog, but I am so busy lately it really falls behind. On top of work and summer classes, we have decided to host our wedding reception in our pole barn, which means we have a lot to clean-up to do before next May. We also got a puppy, Logan, a month or so ago, and he of course takes up a lot of our free time!



Isn’t he just the cutest! That was taken when he was around 11 weeks old. He’s closer to 14 or 15 weeks now, but I’m not in the mood to take the time to count and find out exactly how old he is! Maybe next post! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, with all of the stuff we need to get done around the house, I have decided to make a list for everything. Things we need to get done before the wedding, things we need to get done before the end of this summer, things we need to get done by July 25th when people come over to help us get other things on our lists done… (We are having people come over that Friday and Saturday to help, and rewarding hard work with pizza, beer, and margaritas – whoop whoop!)

So today I am going to post my list of things I want to get done before everyone comes over. It’s a fairly simple list, but it keeps me sane. Later on I hope to post my other lists and then some overall house updates.

To-Do List (Before Guests Come Over)

Great Room

-clean up media center

-move empty cardboard boxes to craft room in garage

-rug doctor the carpet

-rug doctor the couch

-clean off the top of the bookshelf

-organize cords, video games, etc

-find a basket or trunk to put blankets in

Dining Room

-clear of table

-fix broken chair legs?

-move laundry basket into bathroom


-finish sanding cabinet doors

-paint cabinet doors

-install cabinet doors

-mop floor

-clear off counters and wipe them down

-get caught up on dishes

-clean sink


-sweep floor

-scrub floor

Full Bath

-clean shower

-sweep floor and shake out rugs


-clean room

-wash sheets/comforter

-move picture frame to garage


So that’s everything I want to get done before company comes over to help with the big stuff, like painting the garage, removing shrubs, and power washing the deck. Hopefully I can get all those little things done in time and the house looks “great” for people coming over!