List Lovin’

Hey all, Bride here.

I know, I’m awful at updating this blog, but I am so busy lately it really falls behind. On top of work and summer classes, we have decided to host our wedding reception in our pole barn, which means we have a lot to clean-up to do before next May. We also got a puppy, Logan, a month or so ago, and he of course takes up a lot of our free time!



Isn’t he just the cutest! That was taken when he was around 11 weeks old. He’s closer to 14 or 15 weeks now, but I’m not in the mood to take the time to count and find out exactly how old he is! Maybe next post! 😉

Anyway, with all of the stuff we need to get done around the house, I have decided to make a list for everything. Things we need to get done before the wedding, things we need to get done before the end of this summer, things we need to get done by July 25th when people come over to help us get other things on our lists done… (We are having people come over that Friday and Saturday to help, and rewarding hard work with pizza, beer, and margaritas – whoop whoop!)

So today I am going to post my list of things I want to get done before everyone comes over. It’s a fairly simple list, but it keeps me sane. Later on I hope to post my other lists and then some overall house updates.

To-Do List (Before Guests Come Over)

Great Room

-clean up media center

-move empty cardboard boxes to craft room in garage

-rug doctor the carpet

-rug doctor the couch

-clean off the top of the bookshelf

-organize cords, video games, etc

-find a basket or trunk to put blankets in

Dining Room

-clear of table

-fix broken chair legs?

-move laundry basket into bathroom


-finish sanding cabinet doors

-paint cabinet doors

-install cabinet doors

-mop floor

-clear off counters and wipe them down

-get caught up on dishes

-clean sink


-sweep floor

-scrub floor

Full Bath

-clean shower

-sweep floor and shake out rugs


-clean room

-wash sheets/comforter

-move picture frame to garage


So that’s everything I want to get done before company comes over to help with the big stuff, like painting the garage, removing shrubs, and power washing the deck. Hopefully I can get all those little things done in time and the house looks “great” for people coming over!




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