Bridesmaids, Bridesmaids, Bridesmaids…


First of all, Happy New Year! I have got to say that all of this 2014 stuff has made me get really serious about my wedding… again! I am looking forward to everything that comes my way this year, and I hope you are too!

Today, I had some fun Facebook stuff going on, and the subject of bridesmaid dresses really hit me. I have a few people I know will be in my bridal party, and a bunch more that I would like to include but probably will not be able to. Richard doesn’t want a big bridal party, or at least doesn’t have a lot of guys to fill up his side. But I have Cheyenne & Kaylie, and Richard’s two sisters at the very least. So we will see where that goes.

Anyways, as I am slowly inching my way closer and closer (only 514 days to go!), I know I have a lot of details planned and a lot more that need decisions made. With me being a busy bee at school and work, I need as many decisions out of the way as soon as possible, so that I can relax a little now and then. My next choice is Bridesmaid Dresses.

Most of my inner circle groupies already know my wedding colors – pink, lime green, and navy (and white by default). I don’t really want one shade of pink though! Begonia, fuchsia, light pink, baby pink, who knows where the fun can go? You may have already seen that I want multiple shades of pink on my wedding cake in my previous post, here.

I want all the girls to wear their dresses with navy converse. I also want the dresses to be knee length. Other than that, I don’t care what the shape and style are for each girl. Here are some inspirational pictures I have found around the interwebz…


Me and my girls need to make a final decision on the shades. Here are my options:

1) My MOH, Cheyenne, wears dark pink and everyone else light pink

2) My MOH, Cheyenne, wears light pink and everyone else dark pink

3) Everyone wears the same or extremely similar shade (Cheye will have a different bouquet)

4) Everyone wears a completely different shade (no matching at all!)

Different hair colors and skin colors can be taken into consideration…

Kaylie is tan with usually dirty blonde hair.

Cheye is pale with medium brown hair. She sometimes can get tan. Sometimes.

Whisper is usually tan with medium brown hair.

And Treasure is fair with very light blonde hair.

Please post comments to decide this once and for all!

Oh… and one last picture, juts for fun… 😉


Happy 2014!

~ bride


I Can Hear Those Wedding Bells Chime…

So with everything about the house getting done, and school keeping me so busy, wedding planning has really fallen by the wayside. I still have some time, since the date is set for May 2015, but I thought I would post some of my inspirations for the big day!

Most of my wedding planning is done on Pinterest and The Knot. My Pinterest account can be found here…

I love Pinterest. I love, love, love it. I will never be able to express my love for Pinterest enough. I’m sure you understand.

I also love ombre. And I love cake. So let’s talk ombre wedding cakes.  Specifically pink ombre wedding cakes. 🙂

Ombre wedding cakes

The ruffles are so feminine and delicate. So pretty. Yet interesting. With extra ombre interest. So… interest with interest on the side. And pink is one of my wedding colors. A spring wedding without pink? I don’t think so!


Okay. Now check out that one on the left. You see it? The cake with the pink ruffles down the side? Yep. That’s the one. My soul-cake. I stole this pic from this random blog. Now the problem I have with that cake is that it is circular. Boring.

So easy fix. I am going to make it square! The true test will come later… because my mother and I plan on making my cake to save some moolah. So I’m sure closer to the date there will be plenty of fun cake pictures to look at. But for now, I will have to settle with dreaming about my cake and researching tips for baking and pricing out pans and deciding on cake flavors. Right now the fiance and I are leaning towards chocolate on bottom, white/vanilla in the middle, and lemon on top. Ooh-la-la, right? I don’t care as long as I get lemon. I love lemon desserts! Did I mention I say I love things a lot?

Anyways… that is my wedding cake. Well, that is what it looks like in my head. Hopefully I was clear enough with how it will look. I’m so excited for my wedding! Ah!

So my bed is calling to me, and I’m about to sign off. This has been the first official wedding post on bride and a poor chick. Huh. You’d think it would’ve come sooner. Meh.

~ bride out!