New House

So it’s final! We are officially closing on April 16th! I am so excited for my new home and cannot wait to get down to fixing it up. I’m going to need a vaccum, some dry sponges, and TONS of help!
(Sorry about the little arrows on the sides of the pictures, they were from screenshots and I didn’t crop them out!)

It’s a one story home and trust me, it is much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. We also got quite a bit of land, a pole barn, and a pool that we might decide to keep if it’s in good enough condition!

This is the front room. I’ve been referring to it as the “living room”, although technically we have two living rooms. This one has a bay window which you can see a bit of on the very right side of the picture! And I LOVE bay windows! 🙂

This one is from the kitchen, where we believe the fire started.

The other side of the kitchen… We will need a new ceiling for sure!

This is the master bedroom. Just soot damage. Elbow grease followed by primer and paint will take care of it!

Hopefully we can get in there and get to work really soon! I’m so ready to get the soot removal and renovation part over and done with and to get on to fun stuff like picking out paint colors! 😉